What is the best business Idea that fits me?
How can I start a business with minimum capital?
What is the best way to deal with customers and competitors?
How to safeguard strong cash flow?

The aim of this topic is to provide Foreign domestic helper and friend with a positive image of business activities and to develop in students the key skills to run their own business following their passion. These skills can be developed from the entrepreneurial qualities discussed in the previous unit. At this point in the course, participants should begin to think of themselves not merely as young people with technical and vocational skills, but as people offering a service that their community needs and for which it is willing to pay.

Managing your finances predict a good future for you and your love ones. Securing your life plans and getting rid of the fear of debts. Knowing that money should work for you and the other way around where most of the people believe that should work for the money. We believe that financial literacy is a must for all individual who desired to be successful in life.

Topic to Discuss

  • Developing Entrepreneurship Skills
  • Basic Business Framework
  • Mobilizing Resources
  • Importance of Financial Literacy

Entry Requirement

  • Registered Singapore Residents
  • Registered Singapore Workers
  • Able to speak and write English (Basic)

Course Schedule

  • 1st and 3rd Sunday ——— (3 Months) —– (12.30am – 3.30pm)


  • 25% discount to those graduates of baking/ culinary/ computer/ dressmaking and photography (25% disc will only be given at the end of the course)
  • Schedules may vary base on the discretion of the management
  • NOTE: Graduation fee of $200 will be added in tuition fee (Graduation fee includes certificate, , professionally shot graduation photos (5 copies), the hotel ballroom reservations, sumptuous buffet, and one visitor). The students are required to attend the graduation after passing the final assessment of the chosen program/s If the students are unable to attend the graduation due to a valid/ proven reason, the student needs to pay the certificate fee of $150 otherwise the student cannot get the certificate. Schedule and details will be announced in the graduation briefing.NOTE: For those who paid in cash they have the option to pay the Graduation Fee of $200 together in their registration or settle the amount one month before the graduation date. A notice of reminder will be sent to you after the graduation briefing