WELCOME to The Master’s Training International

for Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) and Friends

The Master’s Training International is a continuing education support group that provides quality adult learning skills upgrade experience for Foreign Domestic Workers in Singapore. Filled with general principles and self-­direct practical applications, designed to introduce personal development. The Master’s is determined to elevate place them in a life-changing experience.

The Master’s offers a wide range of modules in Comprehensive Healthcare Support Assistant/ Nursing Aide/ Caregiving, Foundation and Advance Baking and Pastry, Essentials of Culinary Arts, basic Computer Literacy, Practical Dressmaking, Pattern Making and Alteration, Practical Entrepreneurship and the Simple and Effective Financial Literacy, Coommercial Photography, Hotel Restaurant and Tourism Managament meeting the needs of the larger community of adult learners. The Master’s Training International course adult learning modules are carefully researched, analyzed and compiled by expert practitioners specialized in the field of adult lifelong learning.

Be Part of our Skills Upgrade Program

Certificate in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management

This subject provides students with a conceptual understanding of management concepts to the front office. Housekeeping Operations and Management is an …Read More

Certificate in Healthcare Support Assistant

Healthcare Support training for Domestic Workers is design to provide the essential skill and knowledge in handling their patients of …Read More

Certificate in Basic to Advance Baking & Pastries

A fun and effective baking experience especially designed for Foreign Domestic Workers and friends. A foundational training for Domestic helper …Read More

Advanced Certificate in Baking & Pastries

This Advanced Certificate in Baking and Pastries introduces the craft pastry making, commercialized cake design, industry standard bread baking. The …Read More

Culinary Arts (Creative International Cuisine)

Learn the way of The Master’s in Culinary Arts, crafted specifically to different kind of cuisines internationally. To all Foreign …Read More

Fundamentals in Computer Literacy

New to operate computers? Every one of us was a beginner at one point. The Master’s training series will teach you …Read More

Practical Dressmaking, Pattern Making and Alteration

Our Practical  Dressmaking and Pattern Making program consists of competencies that a person must achieve to enable him/her to draft …Read More

Practical Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy

What is the best business Idea that fits me?
How can I start a business with minimum capital?
What is the best …Read More

Fundamentals in Commercial Photography

Are you considering photography as a business or even a career change? If you are passionate about photography and wish …Read More

Making Adult Learning Fun and Meaningful
for Foreign Domestic Workers and Friends

The Master’s Training International (TMTI) is multi-­disciplinary adult learning institution, committed to provide quality continuing education module for Domestic Helpers, and other OFWs in Singapore.

Our objective is the upgrade the set of skills of the FDWs working in Singapore focusing on the its core skills to add value to their current work and benefits their employers and whole community at large. To provide them ideas and help them to prepare their heart and mind for their plans in life.


Read the testimonies of our satisfied students

“The day we got our certificate… the day we keep our uniform, ID and shoes. the day we realized we are more beautiful than we think… The we wore our gowns nice shoes, clutch bags, accessories that we prepared in a month.
The day we’ve waited but it is also the day we are afraid of because we will miss our Sunday lunch together, laughter, nonsense chitchat, noise in our school….
Thanks to you The Master’s Training International. It is not just a school, but is the Home of the Dreamers!”
Nestle Cole Villaplaza, 23 January 2017
“Thank you Sir Herminio Adorna for being such an amazing person and a true inspiration. The best lessons are not from the books but from the heart of a truly great teacher like you… Fo Ms Vivian Arquiza Adorna, I am so grateful for showing me the importance of school and the life lessons you taught me. Thank you for sharing your passion and for caring about our future
Cherry Cañon Domingo, 25 January 2017
We are never too old to set another goal in life or to dream new dreams. We have lots of reason and capacity to achieve our goals having the determination to become what we wanted to be. Thank you so much The Master’s Training International for making us part of the school. We will miss the days and will never forget. Mabuhay The Master’s Students… God Bless.
Rossel Capuyan Supsupon, 25 January 2017
I am Proud tom be one of them… More power The Master’s Training International
Jinky Jade, 3 February 2017
Salam untuk teman2 trimakasih atas semangat dan dukungan dari kalian semua, and thanks you Sir Herminio Adorna CEO/ President and Ms Vivian Arquiza Adorna, Director, Chef Mary, Chef Dhay and all The master’s Training Interntional Family in Singapore and all my friends, Congratulations
Sutini, 1 November 2016
The best thing in Life is to be part of The Master’s Training International, Singaproe, We thanks you so much for the opportunity to achieve the dreams of all OFW in Singapore, May God Bless us all!
Zheryvec Paildelan, 16 November
The best memories in life is to be part of The Master’s Training International, Singapore. Thanks you for the opportunity to achieve the dreams of all. Class 2016 3rd Quarter
Jean Lopez Montilla, 16 Novemenr 2016
Yes I really appreciate to be part of Master n I really learn many thing thank you Master International training centre. Success always!
Suzi Dollah Mursid, 22 April 2017
Very accommadating & good condusive Area for learning.. i loved it &im so excited to be part of students in this institution God Bless & More Power .

Jee N. Wong, 8 May 2017
I’d been here for only 3 months but I can say that the teachers & staffs are very friendly.
Teachers put their heart to teach every student.Their passion for sharing knowledge makes me feel comfortable & confident being who I am especially at my computer class.
Highly recommended to all foreign workers who wants to upgrade their skills & pursue their dreams.
Great job teachers & staffs
Fe Francisco, 16 jun 2017